Froment Resistive Load banks

resistive load banks

Resistive load banks are used for testing AC supplies at unity power factors or for DC battery discharging and UPS testing. Load bank size is expressed in kW. Based on a rugged, heavy duty welded monocoque or modular chassis construction capacities are available up to 2200kW.

Resistive load banks can be customised for a particular application. Stainless steel, non-finned, sheathed elements are used allowing both three and single phase operation.

Key options

• Standard wide voltage range: 380V, 50Hz - 690V, 60Hz
• Static, manoeuvrable or trailer mounted
• Horizontal and vertical air discharge
• Simple direct or intelligent Sigma control
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Key features

View Froment horizontal air discharge resistive load bank features and benefits
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Froment Resistive load bank technical data sheets

Model Nominal Capacity
3012 (Formally MS12) 100kW
3024 (Formally MS24) 230kW
3044 (Formally MS44) 400kW
3066 (Formally MS66) 700kW
3103 (Formally MS103) 1000kW
3110 (Formally MS110) 1300kW
3164 (Formally MS164) 1600kW
3220 (Formally MS220) 2200kW

Froment Resistive Load Bank GA Drawings

3012 (Formally MS12)
3024 (Formally MS24) / 3024 Inc Castors
3044 (Formally MS44)
3066 (Formally MS66)
3103 (Formally MS103)
3110 (Formally MS110)
3164 (Formally MS164)
3220 (Formally MS220)

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