Sigma pc software

Sigma PC software

Sigma PC software for Windows™ replaces the Intelligent Hand-held Terminal (IHT) and converts a PC into the load bank controller allowing enhanced load control along with transient speed instrumentation, full data acquisition reporting with graphical displays, real time data such as crest factor recovery times and % errors necessary for testing to ISO8528.

Sigma PC software is the solution for witness testing, product verification, medium and high voltage testing.

Enhanced Display and Test Summary

The layout can be customised with user defined formulas for individual windows containing digital meters, real time analogue graphs and control dialogs. A number of pre-customised screen layouts are included with the standard installation of windows modifiable by the user.

Quick start wizard guides setup for manual or automatic testing. Watches can be set to monitor instrumentation values, stop test programmes and drop the load if required. Supply-on-test properties can be saved for future reference or a template and include ratings, alternator, engine, customer and additional notes

Transient data capture is at a high speed of up to 50 readings per second for voltage and frequency data and real-time graphical displays of up to 1 second per division with an automatic trigger on load change.

Transient, Heat Run, and Summary reports can be printed with Transient data analysed to calculate voltage and frequency recovery times along with maximum deviations according to ISO8528. Results can also be exported as a text file for extended analysis using Excel or as an .xml file for importation into another PC running the programme.

Control and Operation

Load is selected by simply clicking and dragging sliders on the Manual Load Control dialogue and applied via the accept button. Load is expressed as a % of supply or actual load in kW or KVA and power factor. Adaptive and Predictive load – correction modes ensure the correct load is applied even if the voltage or frequency droops.

Automatic load control gives the ability to run test programmes created in the test programme editor. Test programmes support load ramping (load applied gradually over the time entered), delay instructions, looping and data capture control.

Help When You Need It and Computer Requirements

The user HELP feature guides the operator if required and the PC requirements are a PC running a Windows™ Professional operating system.

SIGMA PC Software Video Tutorials

Use the videos below as helpful reminders and tutorials for the Sigma PC load bank software.

Supply on test settings
Connecting to load bank and manual control - Part 1
Connecting to load bank and manual control - Part 2
Using the wizard - Part 1 - Manual Control Load Test
Using the wizard - Part 2 - Transient Load Test
Using the wizard - Part 3 - Heat Run Load Test

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